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Visit of CIHEAM-MAICh's Students at Samaria Gorge

 On Saturday 13.05.2017, a group of 82 students, visitors and staff from CIHEAM-MAICh traversed the Samaria gorge from Omalos to Ayia Roumeli, with the English professor Maria Verivaki heading the group.
Everyone on the trip found it exhilarating and they regarded it as the highlight of the time at CIHEAM-MAICh. The staff and wardens at Samaria Gorge were also very impressed that CIHEAM-MAICh sent such a large group into the gorge. 
The students had been asked to keep together in small groups and help and look out for each other. No injuries took place, everyone came out of the gorge on time to take the ferry boat to Souyia, and the buses took the students back safely to the institute.