Application of ECTS Credit System at MAI Chania


Application of ECTS Credit System at MAI Chania

Student Workload

MAI Chania offers postgraduate programmes which consist of 24 consecutive weekly course units. The programme is organised in sections made up of the required course units. The postgraduate programmes indicating course titles and weekly-time schedules are annexed to the present document.

Formal Instruction Credits

Each weekly course unit (corresponding to 2.5 credits) comprises 20 hours of a combination of the following types of courses: lectures, seminars, research seminars, exercise courses, practical and laboratory work, depending on learning aims and competences to be achieved.

An additional 55 hours per week course unit of personal student workload.

Guided Personal Study Credits

One credit is awarded for approximately 20-25 hours of supervised independent work, provided that the results are assessed and graded accordingly.

ECTS Assessment and Grading Scale

Grading measures the student’s level of achievement, both in absolute terms and compared with peer-performance. It is based on the student’s participation in all training activities organised as part of the course.

The grading, numerical scores and the approximated expected ranking structure of students passing in each academic unit are depicted in the table below.

Grade Numerical Score Approximate expected ranking (%) Definition
A 85-100 15 EXCELLENT. Outstanding performance with only minor deficiencies
B 70 – 84 35 GOOD. Above the average standard but with some deficiencies
C 50 – 69 35 SATISFACTORY. Performance meets the minimum criteria and is fair but with shortcomings
D 40 – 49 15 UNSATISFACTORY. Some more work is required before the credit can be directly awarded. The credit may be compensated by other sections of the overall course program. Students may retake the test
F 0 -39 FAIL. Considerable further work is required. No credit awarded


Last update: Sep 13, 2017