Studying at MAI Chania


The Master of Science degree programme is structured in two parts:

First part

It is held over one academic year (60 ECTS). It is professionally oriented and has a theoretical-practical content based on lectures, practical field, laboratory and computer work (according to each Master speciality and programme), applied individual and group work, technical visits, etc., which provides rigorous and updated specialization.

The courses are structured in complementary but independent sections in order to permit partial attendance to given sections or to concrete units of the programme if desired.

Students who do not fulfil the academic requirement for advancing to the second part, subject to obtaining a minimum of 60 ECTS, an average course grade equal to or above 50%, and no unit grade below 50%, together with a minimum score of 500 in the ITP TOEFL exam, are  awarded the Master of MAICh-60 ECTS.

Second part

The second part consists of individual research work and/or professional activity (60 ECTS) on a given topic within the speciality taken during the first part.

A duration of 10 months is determined for carrying out the work in the second part. This part concludes with the writing of a thesis to be defended in public before an international examining board selected in each case for their expertise and prestige in the field of the thesis.

Upon successful completion of the second part, the Master of Science - 120 ECTS degree is awarded . Accompanying this diploma, a Diploma Supplement is issued automatically and free of charge following the model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES.


Last update: Jul 19, 2017