Geoinformation in Environmental Management

Geoinformation in Environmental Management
Geoinformation in Environmental Management (2015-2016)

The programme of Geoinformation in Environmental Management is organized in 6 Units ( 60.0 ECTS).

ENM510.41515.0 GIS & Spatial Statistics (15.0 ECTS)
12 Oct 2015 - 27 Nov 2015Content:
Spatial statistics
Geographical information systems
GIS applications
ENM530.21515.0 Remote sensing and image processing (15.0 ECTS)
01 Dec 2015 - 04 Mar 2016Content:
Remote sensing
Digital Image Analysis
Seminar on Retrievals of Parameters Characterising Land surface Interactions from Space: state of the art in techniques, operational products and software tools
Basic geodesy and digital photogrammetry
Seminar on Geoinformation in Water Resources Management
Remote sensing of Natural Disasters
Remote sensing of Urban Environments
ENM520.5915.0 Management of Mediterranean Ecosystems (9.0 ECTS)
08 Feb 2016 - 15 Apr 2016Content:
Introduction to the Mediterranean Environment
Management of grazing and forest resources and landscapes
Landscape Ecology
ENM550.3814.0 Environmental Assessment Processes (8.0 ECTS)
29 Feb 2016 - 18 Mar 2016Content:
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) theory and process (1 field trip)
Strategic environmental assessment
Environmental legislation
ENM540.41015.0 Specialised Topics in Geionformation Applications (10.0 ECTS)
14 Apr 2016 - 10 Jun 2016Content:
Integrated GIS/RS case studies
Environmental modeling
Decision support systems using GIS
ENM500.1312.0 Extended Essay (3.0 ECTS)
06 - 17 Jun 2016Content:
Extended essay

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