Administrative Procedures and Costs


Administrative Procedures and Costs

Permission to enter Greece

Students and citizens from the European Union do not need a student visa to enter Greece. A valid passport is, of course, necessary.

Non-EU students

For study programmes which run for three months, only a visa is required.

For study programmes which run for over three months, the following must be undertaken:

  • Application for a student visa.
  • Issue of a certificate (written in Greek if possible, otherwise English) from student’s native country verifying that he/she has full medical insurance to cover his/her stay in Greece (doctor, medication, hospital treatment).

Tuition Fees, Board and Accommodation

Tuition Fees: Exchange Students within the European ERASMUS programme or exchange students coming to MAI Chania under the bilateral agreements are not charged tuition fees.

Board and Accommodation: Full board and accommodation at MAICh are offered to ERASMUS students at the following rates:

  • Private room 320 Euro per month
  • Shared room 200 Euro per month.

Last update: Sep 13, 2017