Conditions for admission


Admission to the Postgraduate Specialisation and the Master of Science Programmes

  1. Applicants must have the academic level that qualifies them to undertake doctorate-level studies in their home country and corresponds to a minimum of four years undergraduate studies. Their degree must also be in a discipline compatible with the area of specialisation requested. Additional conditions may be imposed for certain programmes.
  2. A proven competence in the language used in the educational activities is required.
  3. Selection is made on the basis of the files submitted by applicants – priority being given to applicants from CIHEAM member countries – and takes account of their academic results and professional experience acquired in the chosen field of specialisation.
  4. For each Postgraduate Specialisation Programme, the final decision on the admission of applicants is made by the CIHEAM Governing Board, following the recommendations of the Director of the MAI in question.

Admission to advanced intensive courses

Decisions on admissions are made on the basis of the files submitted by the applicants. Their education level and professional experience are taken into account. The conditions a, b and c above must be fulfilled.

The decisions on admissions are taken by the Director of the MAI in question.

Language requirements

The working and instruction language is English. Candidates are requested in their application to prove competence in English language. In addition, they have the opportunity to attend on a voluntary basis, Greek language lessons which are offered by MAICh free of charge.

Last update: Oct 17, 2014