Geoinformation in Environmental Management

Geoinformation in Environmental Management


The programme of Geoinformation in Environmental Management focuses on the ever growing demand for highly specialized and effectively educated scientists to tackle significant environmental issues in today’s natural environment, agro-environmental issues and land use functions. Graduates, professionals and specialists from the Mediterranean and Balkan region majoring in a compatible discipline and background knowledge on Environmental issues have the opportunity to specialize on (a) Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, their application to Environmental Management and other problems related to Environment, (b) Utilization of quantitative and decision support tools to strategic and environmental impact assessment within the environmental policy and legislative framework of the European Union. The attainment of the M.Sc. degree qualifies them with in depth academic knowledge and practical skills in Environmental Management, which enable a successful continuation of their doctorate studies and/or pursue of an international career in both the public and private sector.


  • To provide a basis or opportunity for originality in developing or applying ideas while addressing a research hypothesis connected to decision support for environmental issues;
  • To apply knowledge and understanding in solving real life problems in a multidisciplinary context, such as a strategic environmental assessment or the management of Mediterranean ecosystems require;
  • To demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge of the natural processes and the environmental legislation and policy, handle complex geo-information technologies, and formulate judgments, even with incomplete raw data;
  • To communicate their conclusions and the underpinning knowledge and rational addressing different audiences; in ways that enable the discussion with specialists or raise the interest of non-specialist audiences;
  • Study under the supervision of specialized tutors that promote self-initiatives and autonomous handling while dealing with the research topic.

Last update: Jul 19, 2017